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Pro910 on-line UPS
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To meet the requirement of the network system to the power, Prolink has developed a new generation UPS--Pro on-line series. It adopts 32bits data-bus microprocessor with robust processing power that is capable of detecting and controlling quickly and accurately all movement of UPS to ensure product high reliability. Owe to the use of the double-conversion circuit design, the power used by load is the pure sine wave power by stabilizing voltage and stabilizing frequency and noisy signals filter. Furthermore, Pro 0n-line series UPS and the network server are connected together through the RS232 communication port and power monitoring software, which offers power status available at any time. Moreover, it achieves the intelligent functions such time self-inspection, automatic disk-saving, automatic time switch ON/OFF and automatic power status recordation, etc, so it achieves the zero distance of communication between user and UPS. When utility power is disconnected, UPS informs the server immediately and gets ready to be switched off and automatically saves all data before performing the normal switch-off instruction. Even in an unattended network environment, UPS can ensure data safety of the network system.

Features and Specifications

  • Ratings 1KVA
  • Input
    • Voltage range: 160-276Vac
    • Frequency range: 50/60Hz
    • Input PF: >0.95,conform to EN605552
  • Output
    • Voltage range: 220Vac ±3%
    • Frequency rang: e ±0.5%
    • Linear load Distortion: <3%
    • Non linear load Distortion < 6%
    • Overload: >105 for 10s; >130% for 200ms
    • Crest Facto: r 3:1(max)
  • Battery
    • DC voltage: 36VDC
    • Internal battery: 3x7AH
    • Charging time: 90%capacity after 8 hrs charging
  • Panel display: LED :load,battery status,alarm
  • Interface Software
    • 1.Power status
    • 2.UPS shutdown
    • 3.monitor UPS status
    • 4.UPS self test
    • 5.auto-save files
  • Noise Level <45dB
  • Operating Environment
    • Temperature: 0--40C
    • Humidity: 0%-95%
    • Operating altitude: <1500m
    • Storage Temperature: -25~55C
  • General
    • Net/Gross Weight(Extension version): 7/9Kg
    • Net/Gross Weight(Standard version): 13/15Kg
    • Dimension(HxWxD): 220*145*405mm

      *Specifications are subject to change without prior notice



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